Apartments, Hotels, Offices, Complexes and many other buildings have fire rated doors. We all pass through it almost every day but do we wonder how it is made or what it is made of.

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What is a Fire Rated Door?

Specialized doors tested to withstand the roaring fire for as long as possible. The elements in the door hold back the fire and keep life alive on the other side of the door for as long as possible.

Features of a Fire Rated Door

  • It is made from solid timber and sometimes re-covered using non-flammable glass. Fire rated doors are made from a variety of elements to fulfil the purpose.
  • Intumescent seals are used between the doors, when temperatures go beyond 200 degrees the seal expands and covers the gaps in between, providing a full seal.
  • Residents are advised to install these door in their private premises in most obvious areas, like the kitchen, where there are chances of a fire.
  • It is highly recommended to get experts’ advice and help throughout the installation to make sure it is don’t the right way. After all these doors save lives. Safety is more than just a door; lighting, escape routes and warning systems are highly vital and must be thoroughly checked.
  • Make sure there are cold smoke seals within the intumescent seal. Because 42% of the deaths have occurred due to the smoke released and inhaled and not due to the fire itself.
  • You must also check for how long the door can resist the heat.  Code FD30 is generally used, which means that the door can withstand the fire for approximately 30 minutes. Each fire door has a different power, so be mindful of it.

How to Check For a Faulty Fire Door?

If you find out a faulty fire door, don’t just walk by. Report it to the management, your complaint may save a couple of lives. So how to check it?

  • Certification: Look for a label or a plug which is usually on the top or side of the door
  • Gaps: Check for gaps around the door, generally 4mm around the top and sides and 8mm on the bottom. You should not be able to see any light passing around the door gaps.
  • Seals: Check if the seals are all right and not damaged.
  • Hinges: Check if the hinges are all right, not broken and not missing any screws.
  • Closing: Check if the door closes smoothly without sticking on the floor of the frame.

Check for these signs, if you find them, report it immediately.

This is some basic information you must know about fire rated doors. For more information, you could always go to the experts.