The moment that you have been dreading has finally come and you have been asked to organize and put together the office holiday party with the help of couple of other employees. Throwing together an office holiday party is not always great deals of fun so we are here to help you plan and organize the whole process of it,

The Head Count

Before you start collecting money to put the party together and start buying decorations to decorate the office with, be sure to get a head count of all of the employees who will be present at the party so that you can order food and beverages accordingly without wasting too much money.

Without getting a head count, you cannot proceed further so one of the first things you should do is get their head count without fail.

The Entertainment

We all know that office parties can be pretty boring so be sure to plan some interactive and fun games to help break the ice and also help the employees have a little bit of fun without being bored out of their minds throughout the course of the party.

Organizing activities such as secret Santa where people exchange promotional corporate gifts company singapore has to offer or some other interesting and fun items would be great ideas so don’t forget to add secret Santa onto the list of activities.

When it comes to the entertainment, be sure to include some ice breaker activities and other activities that will help you and your fellow colleagues have a good time over some alcohol, food and some good music.

The Food & Beverages

Before you go about ordering booze and wine for the party, be sure to consult your higher management about it and ask if that would be permissible instead of jumping the gun and risk potentially losing your job.

In terms of the food and the beverages, be sure to order some finger foods and snacks that one can munch on throughout the course of the party and snacks usually go best with alcohol. No one comes to an office party willing to eat a three course meal so the snacks and finger foods will definitely suffice.

Play Some Tunes

You definitely cannot forget about the music so be sure to play some good tunes and upbeat music that makes every one of the colleagues dance around and have a jolly good time.

Playing some music is the ideal way to get everybody to relax and have a good old time.