It is quite common nowadays for people to own smartphones as it is a necessary tool to have with you. Every smartphone company in the world releases new phones that have exciting features and benefits. So it becomes tempting for people to change their phones quite frequently to enjoy those new features. When people keep on changing their phones what happens to the old ones? Throwing away your smartphones is not the solution and you could be missing out on a chance to capitalise on the benefits of recycling your phone. So here are some smart ways to get rid of your old phone.

Sell It

If you are in the market for a new phone then you should put your old phone up for sale. The value of that phone would have gone down considerably and there could be people out there who could afford your phone rather than buy a newer version. You could use the extra cash to help ease your burden when it comes to buying a new expensive phone.

Spare Parts

Not being able to sell your old phone doesn’t mean you should still throw it away. Just hand it over to organizations who do electronic device recycling singapore as they would use different components of the phone for other purposes like selling the batter separately or taking the screen to put on other damaged phones.

Give to someone who needs it

A smartphone is essential for everybody and unfortunately due to how expensive it is there are some people who can’t afford it. The smartphone is a way of connecting to the world and a convenient for anybody who uses it. You could feel left out and that can be harmful. So just give your phone to someone who really needs it. College students would love to have these phones as they would need it for their studies or to communicate with other students. You could also donate it to poor people who can use it for their benefit.


These phones come with components that can harm the environment.Batteries for example are not decomposable so when you throw them away they will just end up in the landfill. These batteries when they stay on the landfill for a long time will start to go through a photochemical reaction which increases greenhouse gas emissions. They also have chemicals in them that will start to spread all over the land making the ground unsustainable.

You could just keep it at home but then it would just waste space and why keep it when it can be used for other benefits. So do recycle them and whatever your motives are; whether it is to get cash out of it or you are being generous to give it to someone, you will know that you haven’t wasted a perfectly good product.