If you are a long term iPhone user, you would know by now that Apple has admitted that older batteries will not be able to handle new updates thus slowing down your phone’s performance. If you want to enjoy all the new updates you would need to upgrade by buying the latest version of iPhone. This admission has backfired on Apple, not in terms of sales but in terms of brand loyalty and has sorted a quick fix to the problem by offering replacement batteries at a cost. Apple is notorious for having expensive repairs so it might scare people to get it fixed but if you don’t, your phone won’t function anymore. However, there are independent repair shops who could fix it and put your mind at ease. If you are unaware of how your phone battery is starting to fail, here are some signs to watch out for.

Phone Charging

Since we use our phones every day we are bound to be charging it once or twice per day. Like every product, things start to depreciate like your battery which may be working overtime to keep your phone alive. Your iPhone could be losing battery life faster than usual and it could be charging slower than normal. After a while you could see your phone switching off at random times and your battery starts heating up. This is normal for most batteries, in fact there is limit to how many times you can fully charge your battery before it starts losing power.

Damaged Phone

If you drop your phone you are not only damaging the outer part of the phone but the tools inside the phone as well. It is possible that the internal charging function of the phone is damaged which means your phone won’t charge fast enough. This can also mean the battery is damaged so you should go to a singapore iphone repair shop to fix it. It is advisable to not opt for a cheaper alternative battery charger as it could do more damage.

CPU performance

If you want to further investigate whether your iPhone battery is dying you can always download apps from the App Store to review your battery performance. Apps like CPU Dasher is useful to use as it can measure how fast your phone processor reaches and if it’s too low compared to a normal iPhone then it is a sign that you should change the batteries. Once changed you should see your phone processor work at optimal levels.

Everybody uses their smartphone because it is more convenient so you don’t want to be the only one who is temporarily without it because of battery issues. So when you see these signs don’t wait and take it to the repair shop.