Australia has been showing incredible job growth over the past few years, creating plenty of opportunities for those looking to migrate and settle down. If you’re not one to pass up a great opportunity, check now to see if your area of interest lines up with the latest jobs on demand in Australia today.

Health Care

This is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries to date and it takes the spot for leading employment growth till the year 2022. There are 5 leading occupations in this industry you’ll want to look at- registered nurses, caretakers, child caregivers, personal care workers and receptionists. As a potential immigrant, you can also check your chances of visa acceptability by using the Australian immigration point calculator. If you have what it takes, don’t think twice- start your application immediately.

Education and Training

This is a large employing industry in Australia open to all teaching levels in the industry, including university lecturers. However, meeting the high educational requirements and holding a professional and recognized qualification in the field is necessary if you wish to land a job. There is also the possibility of entering the field as a teacher’s aide. Taking to part time jobs is also a common venture in this industry.

Professional, scientific and technical services

In a world where the importance of online presence and strategies become more and more important, this creates for competitive job growth in the sector of IT. If you have what it takes to be an adept software/ application programmer, graphic designer or illustrator, then you’re in luck since these jobs are high in demand in Australia. But of course you can never fail with occupations regarding legal and accounting services as well as engineering and scientific areas of interest.


This industry takes the spot as Australia’s third largest employing sector. Positions for technicians and trades workers are high in demand and in fact, take up 52% of the industry. With a large number of infrastructure projects both underway and rising, the need for qualified professionals in this field is only surging.


Retail skills are a great commodity to have for a various number of jobs currently high in demand, the topmost being general sales assistants. Part time work in this sector normally attracts younger students, allowing them to get a good opportunity in terms of experience.

These are the highest jobs currently in demand in Australia. If you are qualified (which is most necessary in today’s age) or you meet the other experience requirements, don’t hold back- start your application today!