How to make a marriage work? Now that is the million dollar question! How indeed, can you make sure that this incredible journey that brings so much joy and heartbreak, last throughout your life? There really is no easy answer to this question! But the tips that are given in the article below will certainly be of use to you.

Stop comparing

One of the worst things that you can do in your marriage is comparing your spouse with your friends’ spouses! Yes you see the lovey-dovey social media posts of your friends and wonder if you have lost your spark. Keep in mind that people are careful to paint perfect pictures about their lives on social media. We all do this. We all only post the good photos and the most enchanting captures. They probably don’t behave like the couple of the century while attending to the mundane tasks of day-to-day life. Understand that your relationship is unique and different to theirs. Acknowledge that your relationship is also as beautiful as the relationship of the cutest celebrity couple, albeit in a different way!

Start appreciating more

Don’t take your spouse for granted. You may soon start regarding the little things that they do to enhance your family life as routine and unimportant. Stop taking everything that day do for a given and start appreciating the little things that they do. Soon they will start doing more, because people who feel appreciated and valued always give more. Admire their looks, even when fine lines and stretch marks appear and tell them they look beautiful, even when grey streaks appear on their glossy manes.

Talk about feelings

You really cannot have a good relationship with your spouse if you don’t talk about your feelings! Before you rush to divorce lawyers, try talking to your spouse about the things that you think are tearing you apart. Never keep your feelings bottled up inside and never ‘punish’ your spouse for opening up about matters that you would rather sweep under the proverbial carpet!

Fulfill responsibilities

Both of you have responsibilities to fulfill in a marriage. Make sure you both are reasonable when giving each other responsibilities too. Don’t expect your spouse to do your share for you all day everyday too. Try to take care of the household matters together instead of dumping all responsibilities on your spouse.

Be prepared to face the bad times

Marriage is braving the storms of life together too. Good times as well as bad times will come. Financial problems and health problems will come. You must face it all together as a couple. Give each other your support and unconditional love when difficult times come so you will be able to truly share the journey together.

Hope you have a joyful marriage!