Plenty of attention is being focused on mobile users since most of a company’s web traffic stems from such audiences. Now companies are taking great steps to ensure that their mobile solutions are on par with those that are computerized. These include some straightforward features such as those listed below.

Limited Pop-Ups

If there’s zero pop-ups, even better! Every mobile user has gone through the frantic struggle of closing far too many pop-ups just to reach the one site they want. It’s a haggling experience that frustrates users and ultimately reduces traffic to your site. Such interruptions can harm your SEO so it’s best to limit them to a certain extent.

No Distractions

In this case, we mean the many elements you find on a computer website that will simply clutter the mobile screen if not adjusted correctly to fit the smaller width. The user simply wants easy access to the information he needs, but this will be made a negative experience that will damage the company reputation if navigating the mobile site is made impossible.

Re-Adjust Content

Using a responsive site is a mobile solution that allows both computers and mobiles to view the same website without any issues. However, given the surface area of mobile devices in comparison to computers, users often prefer shortened content that is concise and to-the-point. Remember, choosing low cost mobile websites is only half the battle. You then have to ensure that you create your content wisely.

Enable Social Sharing

Social media and mobile phones are an integrated concept. You can enhance user experience by enabling them to share certain content they find appealing with their friends as posts. This will increase your visibility and it is a great way to get increased traffic coming your way as well!

Push Notifications

A much-supported feature on mobile devices, don’t forget to make use of a user’s push notifications so as to keep them updated on promotions, offers or other appealing content. Such notifications can be customized according to the user’s needs to help increase the engagement with the user and provide them with individual experiences.

Use Video Content

If a user is considering buying your product, they are more likely to prefer short clips that will enable to see how it functions and fits in with the environment. Being a great way to grab a user’s attention, statistics show that nearly 79% of interested users would rather watch a video than read details on the product.

Easy Paying Process

If you’re selling products and your website includes a complex payment process, you are less likely to have users purchasing your wares. Additionally, if the site doesn’t run smoothly/ tends to glitch this also leads to users feeling less safe about mentioning their personal card details and therefore, are more likely to rethink buying a product. This can be combatted by easy navigation, auto-filling of previous payment information, allowing creation of wish lists so users may resume shopping etc.

These are simple tips that can be applied to your business strategies so you can enhance user experience on mobile devices and improve your reputation at the same time.