With so many options available, it isn’t always the easiest choice to pick the right hotel for you. Whatever your choice is, it is important that you choose the right hotel well in advance. Booking things last minute will not guarantee the availability of the type of hotels you prefer. Last minute booking will also most likely mean that you would not get the best deal or price which means you unnecessarily end up paying for more than it is actually worth. Let us take a look at some important factors when choosing the right hotel for you.

Location Is Important

This is an understatement to say the least. If the location of your hotel is in the middle of nowhere, this could end up turning your holiday into a lousy one. Regardless of whether the hotel chosen is in city limits or not, it is absolutely essential that it should fairly close to a railway station or a bus stop at the very least. In demand tourist sites do not always have hotels close by, this leaves you with the option of using public transport to reach your favourite sightseeing spots. Online apps like Google Maps for example would give you a good idea of where the city’s main attractions are and also show you the hotels in close proximity to such locations. These hotels are definitely options that are worth checking out.


The needs of every person are different, so the amenities of a particular hotel would be good for one person but may seem insufficient to another. It all boils down to preferences and tastes. The purpose of your vacation determines what kind of amenities you need. If you just want to fulfil that wanderlust inside you and do not want to waste your time in a hotel room, then a basic room with basic amenities should be sufficient. You do not need to unnecessarily pay for any extra services given by the hotel. Take the example of a location like the Mornington peninsula. Well, if you choose Mornington accommodation you have a wide choice of hotels that offer great comfort, with simple settings. It is worth taking a note of all the services provided for you at the check-in counter itself, so you know exactly what you are paying for instead of being unpleasantly surprised with your bill when you check-out.

Cancellation Policy

It is always better to choose a hotel with a free cancellation policy as this means that you are not penalized for suddenly changing your travel plans. Anything can happen, life is unpredictable so it is always better to choose a property that has a free hassle-free process of cancellation. You may not always be able to get a full refund from some hotels but at least a free cancellation would make it much easier for you. There might even be a better hotel with a better deal so it is important to choose a property that is flexible with your needs and wants.