Some faults on you iMac can be easily fixed. Some take a little bit more investigation and some need professional help. This article will cover a few of the common problems and the simple trouble shooting you can do to fix them.

Fixing a start-up problem

A common problem that you might face with your device is that you can’t boot up your system and you face a blue or gray screen. If you face this issue it’s quite natural to freak out but it may be a simple issue. Your first step would be to remove all the plugged in devices. Next perform a safe boot. Finally run a disk utility check. If any of these sounds complicated you can easily find details by doing a simple search online. If this doesn’t work it is best to go to a proper agent or service center and have the device checked out. You can find a good repair place too by doing a quick internet search with a key phrase like “imac repair singapore”. But before going try to read up on some reviews of the place, just to be safe.

The Beach Ball Doesn’t Go Away

If you see the beach ball constantly turning and on the screen for a long time it could mean a simple application problem or something much bigger. If it’s an application, it probably means that there is an application stuck and you need to forcefully terminate it. Simply go to Activity monitor and see which application is taking up the most CPU and try terminating it.

Another potential issue to cause this to happen is because you are running some large application which is taking up all of the RAM space. In this case there isn’t a technical solution. You will have to add more physical RAM. Again if nothing else works, call the professionals.

When the Kernel has an Issue

This issue can be quite terrifying and in some cases rightfully so. This is when you see a gray screen asking you to hold down the power button to force shutdown your machine. This is probably because either several applications together had an issue, or the device’s Operating System itself had an issue. One common solution though, as the message recommends, is to do a restart. This will, if you’re lucky, free up whatever applications that caused the issue and start you off again with a fresh start. Another issue maybe a missed software update. Simply run the updates on all your software and see if the issue comes again. Finally, it could also mean that some start up applications is causing a problem. If this is the case you will have to launch the device in safe mode and then do some cleaning up of the start-up applications.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it does list the most common and sometimes the scariest issued that you may face. After trying one or more of these options and the issue isn’t resolved, always have the machine checked out by professionals. But be sure to validate how good they are.