If you are keen of having a peaceful run of your household or even business, one of the primary considerations you must keep in mind is its safety. Having a strengthened security system helps in keeping burglars and thieves from breaking in. They say that prevention is always better than remedy or cure. So if you want to keep outsiders from peeping in and trespassing, there are available technological features you can use such as security cameras.

This is also known as closed circuit television (CCTV). But before you rush off to the stores, consider these guidelines when selecting your very own security cameras.


If you would want a CCTV, you should first consider what you are using it for and where you would like to position it. This can give you a start into which of the variations suit you. You can inspect the position of your placement, and some things to look for are possible blockage, lighting, internet connection, angling, and scope. When you browse for the specifics when choosing security camera singapore, you must keep in mind the placement. If you have checked this, you can pick CCTVs with different features that perfectly suit your needs and lifestyle.

Quality of image

If you want maximum protection, you need to make sure that the CCTV you purchased can give you a clear view of its recorded moments. That’s why you should opt for cameras with higher resolution, which are measured in horizontal TV lines. Clearer views may have a camera with as high as 500 horizontal TV lines. Furthermore, you may also have the option for a monochromatic camera or one that records color. It will be depending on you, but sometimes, people on a budget and does not require extreme security choose monochrome security cameras. On the other hand, people who aims for increased surveillance can must have a much better view with cameras that capture color.

Rear view of mature security guard listening to earpiece against building

Additional features

There are several added features on the CCTV you are planning to purchase. Make sure to take note of these. Among the bonus features is audio recording. This can help for better monitoring of the area. Some security cameras have the options of not to record sound. DVRs are also important in order to record and keep the moments captured by the CCTV. Some models also give you the ability to access the cameras remotely, practically through an application installed on your phones. However, internet connection is needed for this feature to work. And one of the best thing to look for is the CCTVs ability to detect motion. Unusual activities or movements are detected by the cameras, alerting the owners of possible infiltration.

There are various models of CCTVs to choose from, but whichever you have chosen, your main consideration should always be the security you wanted in the first place.