Three Dimensional manufacturing or additive manufacturing is becoming very popular at modern times. This is mainly due to the advantages it offers over traditional manufacturing. Here are some of the biggest advantages you can enjoy by using additive manufacturing.


One main advantages of choosing additive manufacturing is the speed of the process. Traditional methods of usually consume a larger time to manufacture items and sometimes take over a few weeks to get a prototype. However,in this more modern and advance method, you can upload designs using a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) model and get anything produced in a manner of few hours. Compared to traditional method, this is more time saving and allows you to manufacture larger quantities in less time.

Limitless Design

This type of printing allows you to get almost all the designs you can possibly imagine of owing to the more advanced type of technology it uses. This gives the designers the freedom to design the best models for any type of manufacturing objects and give them the opportunity create various design geometries. Therefore, investing on 3d printing materials singapore sometimes brings more advantages than traditional manufacturing. In traditional manufacturing this is not possible as there are restrictions to the creation of certain complex modelsand intricate designs.


A big advantage of the design freedom of additive manufacturing is that It allows the designs to be done according to the personal preference as well. This method is especially used in medical industry where prosthetics, implantsand models used in dental care are made as customer items. One can personalize and create unique models according to each need.This allows the designer the unlimited imagination to design models.

Mitigate Risk

You will be able to verify any design before you invest on it. Especiallyif it is model where you are required to invest a large amount on, getting it verified beforehand is very important. It is easier and beneficial to 3d print a prototype if you come across anything to alter, than redesigning an already existing model. Ideas can be tested before they are used and. Moreover, this will help you to identify any faults in the model and find alternatives or solutions for it.

Three dimensional printing may not always be able to replace traditional manufacturing methods, but when comparing the two processes, it is the method that can deliver more number of models in less time. Also, the accuracy of these models are better than what is being produced from the traditional methods.